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We make products for the ICF industry designed for ease of use and strength.

Our products are manufactured in Oklahoma and Toronto servicing the US and Canada.

Here is Why Watkins Hangers make cents.

No Ledger boards needed.

Simpson ICFVL

No expensive ledger board holder systems needed.


You don't need to purchase MORE joist hangers.

typical floor truss hanging from a ledger board

What is needed?

Just two Watkins Hangers per joist.

the Watkins Hanger used in an ICF wall

A review in ICF Builders Magazine says it all. The full article is below.

it is the strongest method so far...
Clark Ricks -ICF Builders Magazine
RP Watkins markets another type of hanger.  The U-shaped piece of 16-gauge steel is 7 inches long, and is simply pushed into place through the foam, leaving the final 2 ½ or 3 inches exposed to set the joist on.
Reinforcing steel is then slid into the bracket inside the wall, using the pre-punched holes, which locks the hanger firmly into position.  Because the hanger has steel supporting the bottom of the joist and is integrally connected to the rebar in the concrete core, it the strongest joist hanging method described so far, with a load rating in excess of 2,500 lbs. 
Bob Watkins, owner of the company, recommends fastening a 2x4 below the hangers before the wall is poured to eliminate surprises.  If, through sloppy installation or form compression, the hangers have shifted, you’ll have adjust by to shimming or trimming the joist.
Watkins Hanger:

Confidence that you can place a truss hanger in the right position. As you know, once the concrete pours, it's in stone. However we will have the OOPS bracket soon for adding hangers after the pour.

Watkins Hangers are made in the central part of the US and some parts of Canada. Please allow 10 days from order to arrival in your timeline.

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Here's the entire article in
ICF Builder Magazine about the different methods.

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